VCAM News Fall 2016

VCAM News Fall 2016The Fall 2016 VCAM Newsletter is now available. Please enjoy our latest VCAM Newsletter by visiting VCAM News.

Here is a Sample of What’s Inside VCAM News Fall 2016:

  • Letter from the VCAM President… Peter Milne
    As of today I celebrate eighteen years of contribution the Volunteer Committees of Art museums, we remain viable and to date have thirty five museums, organizations and theirs staff and volunteers signed up…

  • DIA VCAM Conference 2018
    Submitted by Ellen Kulie
    Co-Chair Conference Committee

    This conference will explore how museum staff and volunteers contribute to the emergence of the culturally, socially, and digitally networked arts institution…

  • The DIA as Detroit’s Town Square
    By Phil Rivera

    This past September, the Detroit Institute of Arts amended its Mission Statement to include five new words: “The DIA creates experiences that help visitors find personal meaning in art individually and with each other.”

    These five words are key to the museum’s vision to become the town square of its community, with a variety of experiences to enjoy on one’s own or share with friends and family…

  • CARNEGIE ART MUSEUM… volunteer docent Barbara Carney talks about AUGUSTE RODIN’S SCULPTURES
    By Gary Rotstein / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    It’s not hard to tell Barbara Carney’s former profession as she walks a middle-aged couple and two young women through the halls of the Carnegie Museum of Art, pausing to remark on the use of light in a Chardin painting, the furrowed brow outlined in a Rodin sculpture…

  • Volunteering becomes a rewarding pursuit at MOA
    By Liz Schuetz

    Although best known for its Northwest Coast First Nations collections, the Museum of Anthropology is a place of world arts and cultures. Part of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, MOA’s diverse holdings include a large Asian collection containing North America’s largest array of Cantonese opera costumes as well as a gallery displaying over 600 pieces of European ceramics…

  • VCAM visits Bentonville
    By Pamela Friedland

    When I journeyed to Bentonville, Arkansas this fall for the annual VCAM (Volunteer Committees of Art Museums) directors meeting, everyone asked whether or not former Friends president Suzanne Payne was joining us for the gathering. I sheepishly added I was taking her place as the North Midwest Director. After realizing their good friend Suzanne was no longer on the board, my acceptance into the group was beyond friendly—but they certainly missed Suzanne!

  • VCAM Board convenes at Crystal Bridges… Museum of American Art
    Sunday and Monday: September 25-26, 2016
    By Linda McGinty

    Green penguins in the lobby, the elevator, and our rooms greeted us at the art-filled 21C Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas when we arrived for the 2016 VCAM Board Meeting. The amazing contemporary art in and around the hotel intrigued, amused, wowed, and puzzled us…

  • Fundrainsing… It’s Not Just About the Money
    By Val Johnson, SOTA Show House 2016 Co-Chair

    There is so much more to holding a fundraiser than making money! I belong to the Society of the Arts, a women’s organization that supports the programs of the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley, in Allentown, PA. I was co-chair of the Fundraising Committee for the past two years. We have a long tradition of taking on a major fundraiser every other year, with smaller fundraisers happening

    Historically our major fund-raiser has been a Show House, a project where we invite interior designers and landscapers to transform a local home. We then charge admission for the public to view it. This spring we held our 15th Show House. We didn’t break any records for funds raised or for attendance, but our organization gained in many other ways – ways that are more difficult to measure…

  • Flint Institute of Arts – EXPANSION
    By Heather Wright, Kathryn Sharbaugh

    Since 2006 the FIA has been experiencing measurable growth in studio enrollment, gallery attendance, programs, and facility rentals. Annual attendance has doubled, facility use generates earned income and serves thousands of people annually, and the Art School has not only expanded its studio offerings but in 2013 expanded the building again to accommodate the demand…

  • Women & The Kemper
    Anniversary Celebration at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
    By Holly Tasker

    This fall Women and the Kemper, the special-interest member group at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis, is playing a prominent role in commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the Museum’s Fumihiko Maki–designed building and the founding of the University’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts…

  • Membership Invoice Volunteer Committees of Art Museums

    AT THE GENERAL MEETING in Richmond the Bylaws revisions were approved. Now Conferences will be bi-annual starting with 2018. Meaning that the Docent Symposium and VCAM Conference will now not be held in the same calendar year. Example the next Docent Symposium is 2017 in Montreal. As there will be no VCAM Conference in 2016 the membership cycle starting January 1, 2016 will also fulfill 2018 Conference attendance requirement.

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